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Constant Reminder


Political Correctness has risen it's obscene head in the midst of New York City's most tragically hallowed ground. Have we lost our mind?

FYI:Cordoba, Spain is the city in which Muslims built a grand mosque that served as a stronghold for Islam in the 700's. It remains one of the important destinations of Islamic pilgrimage.


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Now let's see 'em find a contractor and union workers who will put this structure up.

I'd comment, but this whole thing just leaves me speechless!

They just don't get it, do they?


Tom Wms.:

Re: Contractors - It wouldn't surprise me if the government threatened contractors with the loss of government bids, licenses, etc. if they don't accept this project. Somebody will come forward and do it out of greed or fear or both. However, there could be a lot of on-sight sabotage or work stoppage before it gets done.


On that topic.. a nice Newsmax article I just read. It really lays it out without the political correctness.



In other news, a guy has announced that he also wants to 'build bridges' to the Muslim community. So he's looking for investors for a gay bar to be built next door to Park 51.


Dr. Bob:

Not only Political Correctness, but a massive about of Political Stupidity.

Bloomberg should resign over this one.

Not only that, but this is one of the most expensive/valuable locations in the world, and they're allowing a tax-exempt Muslim religious building there? There is no way they'd ever let a new Christian church or Jewish synagogue be located there if for no other reason than the millions of taxes they wouldn't get.

It's bad enough we have enemies all over the world, but we have useful idiots and enemies within.

We are so f'ed.

BTW, I'd like to build a Hooters, a Famous Dave's, a gay bar and a strip joint right across the street from the mosque. Think I could get a permit?

Tom Wms.:

Dr. Bob - If your first name is "Ahmed", probably.


Technically, the Emir, sultan, or whatever he was "bought" the cathedral in Spain (like the Spaniards were in any position to decline).

Let's not forget the GRAND TRANSGRESSIONS (I'll say it for you, Yo).

The Dome of the Rock: Completed 692. Al-Aqsa Mosque: Completed 705. Both built on the Temple Mount in Israel. You'd think they might have taken the earthquakes of 746 & 1033 as a sign.

This set a pattern of conduct that has continued ever since. Mohammedans can't blame the first 350 years of their reign of terror on the Crusades.

"IN YOUR FACE, INFIDELS. We'll cut off your heads & then p___ down your throats."

And THEY go berserk if anyone so much as draws a cartoon of THEIR svengali "prophet".

“A religion which requires persecution to sustain it is of the devil’s propagation.” – Hosea Ballou

As much as I've enjoyed your work these past several years, this is the last day I'll be following your blog. I'm sure you'll do fine without me since you certainly seem to be a lot of bigots in your fanbase who eat this kind of stuff up, but I've no interest in associating with them.

Tom Wms.:

What is interesting is that I have been on this site for several years and I cannot recall a single post by "Stormy Dragon" Now that this person, or entity, has decided to tell us all to "kiss off", we get a post calling us all bigots. I am sure Stormy Dragon will come back several times in the next few days to read our responses. Let's hope Story Dragon will do us all a favor and leave our country as well. I'll end with a quote from one of Jack Nicholson's greatest lines, "You can't HANDLE the truth!"

David B:

LOL, he plays WOW, enough said . . .

john cox:


I do a large variety of work; goofy, opinionated, romantic, studious.....

Sorry this one piece hit you the wrong way.
The name-calling without any clear explaination was a bit unfair, don't you think?

We're with ya Jon!

Thanks Terwiliger.

Shalom from Jerusalem,



The overheated, incoherent rhetoric. The schizophrenic coding on your "blog". Is that you AGAIN, Minimus? I sure hope so. I'd hate to think there are more out there like you/him.

What is factually inaccurate about "this stuff"? Where is the "bigotry"? Please... do tell.


Hey Stormy. As the Brits say, BUGGER OFF!

Your liberal intolerance is showing!

Once Upon a Quiptoon:

“There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell ‘em.” - Louis Armstrong (attributed)



Are you even remotely familiar with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf?

Fallacy Ad Hominem: The first refuge of a Leftist with no principle to stand on.


As much as I dislike religionists (especially radicals), I think it is within the muslims' right to build a mosque in New York, just as radical Jews or Christians or Hindus have the right to construct their holy buildings. Or perhaps if some Fascists/Nazis/Socialists/Communists would like to build a meeting club, they should have the same rights as the rest of us to build a Conservative or Capitalist club.

If we start banning certain peoples' rights simply because they have certain ideas, then you have essentially realised 1984's "thought crime" scenario... and if it is okay to ban ideas, then any powerhungry politicians will have a field day sinking the USA into dictatorship.

As I see it, if the mosque can be proven to give "aid and comfort" to the enemy of which the USA is currently at war (that is: radical muslim groups), then naturally it should be closed. But until such evidence arises (if it does), the mosque should get the go-ahead.

And yes, if someone is up for starting a strip-club across the street, I am all for it!

Tom Wms.:

Wejer: There are mosques all over this country. I haven't heard any arguments against their right to build a mosque. The problem is with their choice of sites. This seems to be a deliberate "in your face" action and is being done without consideration for the victims, their loved ones, New York City, and our country.

Tom Wms.:

Wejer: One last thought - Are all of those who want to build this mosque United States citizens? If not, then they don't have any rights in this country except to be safe while visiting.


Man, I picked the wrong time to scale back my posts.

Wejer, check out the Imam heading up this project, the groups he supports, and his funding/support sources & get back to us.

Dr. Bob:

New York is a very big city - I'm sure another location can be found quite easily, but I suspect that won't be good enough for the dear Iman.


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