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and now a word from Joan Baez...



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I don't know Joan. How does it feel to be complicit in the "killing fields"?

Tom Wms.:

Boy, when did Joan Baez start looking like Richard Belzer?

Tom Wms.:

The reason we go into training is so we can learn to kill humanely and with compassion.

Eric Cartman:

Was Cain a byproduct of the industrial-military complex?

Where are the training grounds for lions, tigers, & bears? OH MY!!!

Hippies p--- me off.

john cox:


Every once in awhile, I'll post an absurd quote to keep things lively. I guess anybody who has paid attention to this site realizes the fun I have with offering up points of view that are not necessarily my own.


I think her opinion may be Baezed....


It's written on the box: "Killing! New, Improved Formula!"


She's still alive??

Dr. Bob:

Well, to answer Mz. Baez' question, the reason men have to be taught how to kill is so they don't get killed themselves in the process.


Doc Al:

She is very much alive and well - I saw her perform at the Atlanta Botanical Garden 2 weeks ago. Her voice is fantastic and she has mellowed a lot in her older age - her concerts consist of some old protest songs (but she doesn't harp on it or politicize anymore) along with old spirituals, bluegrass, and traditional folk music.


so informative, thanks to tell us.


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