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Steele Trap


Yet another example of how the Republican National Committee tends to coddle tone-deaf mouthpieces.


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Fire him!

Tom Wms:

We can't fire him. He's a clean cut, aritculate...


Darned good 'toon.

I'm almost of the notion that he's a progressive player (from the Rockefeller/McCain/Bush mold) & perhaps even a Leftist plant put in place for the express purpose of keeping the republican wing of the Republican Party from getting too strong when the fit hit the shan for the Obama administration.

I've actually had the [mis]fortune of speaking with the guy.

I passed a few ideas on to him... he took some notes, & he seemed genuinely surprised to be speaking with an informed, engaged citizen.

When I inquired as to how I could be of use & possibly work in combating the progressive onslaught--especially in my home state--his attitude shifted to basically, "Don't bother, me, peon... We in the elite set have that all taken care of."

Two months later I get phone call from the RNC soliciting funds on his behalf to replace progressives like "Pelosi, Reid, & Perriello" with "real Reagan Conservatives."

I said, "Well, I have no problem with that." Then I asked, "When you say 'real Reagan Conservatives', do you mean candidates like Deidre Scozzafava in New York's 23rd Congressional District?"

When [he] went back to his solicitation script, I said, "Listen: You need something more than 'We're not them.' I'd be willing to work on how to go about doing that, & until you're willing to address that, I'm not donating a dime. Are you interested?"

The "CLICK" reinforced what I already know...

...I'm a man without a party, & for the rest of my life, I'll simply be voting against the [more] evil of two lessers.

john cox:


It seems apparent that your sharp approach was more than they wanted to handle. Their loss.


The RNC did not appreciate my returning their 'survey' in red marker. Especially the comments about "SELF-SERVING QUESTION". They also got zero in donations with the caveat "When you get serious, get back to me, otherwise, don't bother."

Dr. Bob:


Love your line,

"I'm a man without a party, & for the rest of my life, I'll simply be voting against the [more] evil of two lessers."

That's the truth, although I have to say the House rep I have is a good one - but my two Senators (Minnesota) aren't worth a bucket of rotten pig manure, but dammit the Republican Party has to do better than be Democrats-lite and have a positive agenda besides we're not Obama.


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