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Book Cover Illustration Idea


I came across one of my figure drawings and thought this would make an evocative visual for one my favorite books.


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Anthem is the greatest poem ever written, although I'm sure there are those who think it is prose. ;)

Steve M:


Hey John:

I have several Ayn Rand's in my library, this one I had not heard of before. Thanks! Will try to find it -- I really like her writing: as in use of words and language: content, while important, secondary.

Shalom from Jerusalem


As long as you're accumulating Rand, pick up the originator...

... We by Yevgeny Zamyatin (both Ayn Rand & George Orwell cite it as being highly influential in their work)...

...or arguably Utopia by Thomas More (in our semi-literate, pseudo-intellectual world, few people are aware that Utopia was a facetious idea when More coined the word).

Shalom, Yo.



...& that Utopia is arguably the world's first dystopian novel.

Thanks Terwiliger, I'll look around for _We_. I have a 1st Ed. of _1984_, and More's _Utopia_ is online, but it seems to me I have read some of it. Maybe it's in my library and I forgot.




I was required to read excerpts of Utopia when I was in college. The Left-leaning prof presented those parts as a sort of blueprint for an ideal society (of course leaving out some very sharp satire in the process).

Whenever I was assigned excerpts from a book, I liked to read the whole book (& sometimes I'd skim through some of the works cited in the footnotes)--I thought maybe I'd impress my profs by "taking initiative" & citing parts of the work (or quoted works) that weren't assigned.

Sometimes I felt more like I was finding out the secrets of the "Wizards of Oz" & learning the truth about sniveling little cowards hiding behind false images of giant, imposing heads.


Hey T

Make that

"false images of giant imposing heads perched on ivory towers"

and that would be academia nailed to the wall.


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