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and now a word from Prince...


His music? Love it. His style? Provocative. His grasp of reality? Not so much.


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The funny part is that they think their opinion really matters to the rest of the world.


Wow. He actually said that in July. Apparently, he's P.O.'ed that he isn't cashing in on album sales like he thinks he ought to (iTunes doesn't advance him money, & apparently he doesn't like people selling used copies of his music).

Can you say "Napoleon Complex"?

I do think the little purple midget is a wickedly good guitar player & a very good all-around instrumentalist...

...but I've bought very little of his music because the lyrics are so juvenile & vile (& I'm afraid of what I might catch from handling a used copy).

For more than 30 years, his lyrics have sounded like they were written by a 9 year-old who bought a Richard Pryor album, discovered his dad's Penthouse collection, & developed a severe case of OCD on the same day.

Write something of substance, you little prick--& while you're at it, get rid of the lame synthesizers & the "Ace of Base"/techno-dance electronic back-beat that hit its expiration date at least 20 years ago (yet it lingers on--especially in rap, "modern" R&B, & in Europe). It would also help if you could put more than 1 song on an album (ESPECIALLY when it's a double album) that had some seriously good music on it.

FWIW: Prince fans united to support Barack Obama in 2008. Is there a recurring theme there?


He's right, ya know. It's back to 45's and AM radio for us. The internet is so 2000's.


...Reminds me of some talk show radio host, Garry Meier, in Chicago, who frequently claimed that the Internet was the "CB radio" of the 'nineties (This was when he was a co-host with Roe Conn at WLS-AM, the "50,000-watt blow-torch of the Midwest"; he's now at WGN-AM, described as "talk radio for the AARP set").


I'm officially a relic (yeah, yeah, GF... I'm showing my age).

I still have a turntable.

Some of my favorite records are EP 45s, & I'm still holding on to my vinyl collection (quite a few records from the old "Pablo" label).

Clean analog music has an ambient quality that digital still can't match--but it's a b____ to keep in primo condition. (I did finally break down & buy a "shelf" stereo with a CD player about 3 years ago--but I've covered that ground before.)

I was hoping against hope that optical analog would be competitive with digital music... but...

"Quantity is quality." - Joseph Stalin (& perhaps Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, GWB, BHO...)


"I still have a turntable."

Same here. Gerard turntable I purchased in Germany 42 years ago. Let's see Gates or Jobs build something of quality that lasts that long!



How about those audiophile-quality tube stereos?

I came on the scene a little late to get my stereo first-hand, but I managed to get my hands on a nice set (at a bargain price) that belonged to an "early adopter" who was convinced that CDs were superior to vinyl.

Jobs can have his iCrap. A row of warm & glowing KT-88s & a pair of JR 149s deliver sound like silicon & ear buds (which I believe are the modern equivalent of the government transmitters in "Harrison Bergeron"--except they're designed to make vapid people even less useful) never will.

I've replaced some of the capacitors in the amp. However, when it comes time to re-tube the blamed thing, I expect I'll have to let it go.

Tom Wms.:

Has Prince every been relevant? I'm going to try to be poetic here. He is greasy and sleazy. He makes me uneasy and queazy.
Maybe he can use that in a song.


Well, racy lyrics aren't anything new. They've been a part of pop music since at least the advent of jazz. Go back to further, & Wagner's opera "The Valkyrie" is basically about an incestuous relationship between a twin brother & sister. Incest & intermarriage are pretty common in mythology, so sleaze is virtually as old as mankind.

β€œIt has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan

It isn't just the sleaze of Prince's lyrics that bug me; it's generally how juvenile & unimaginative they are.

However, there are times when the "sleazy" of his lyrics is just tame enough & the "greasy" of his music is so brilliant that he really hits on something--& if you can tune out his lyrics & the overly kitschy electronic stuff he clutters up his records with (I really "went to school" on his guitar work for a while), he really is a very adept musician. I think he does just about all--if not all--of the instrumental work on his albums, & he did all of the instrumental work on several other singers' (& I use that term very loosely) songs/albums.

A few songs of his that I really like:

"Temptation" (Paisley Park)
"Little Red Corvette" (1999)
"Let's Go Crazy" (Purple Rain--overall, a very good pop/rock album)
"I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man" (Sign [SYMBOL] the Times)
"The Ride" (I don't know what album it's on)

However, he seems to care more about the show than the music--& for "artists" at that level, there's a whole lot more money in concert ticket sales than in music sales. I think he cares most about the money & satisfying his appetites (he's been p___ing on the sensibilities of a lot of the listening public for his entire career, & his music has suffered for it).


That "to" in front of "further" shouldn't be there.



He knows the internet isn't over. I bet he's burping his worm to beat the band to the Sponge Monkeys "We Like the Moon" video.


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