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Barak Brown



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L M A O R O T F ! ! !

Dr. Bob:

Nice zinger, John!

'Charlie'- "When I figure out whose ass to kick, things will be fine."
The last panel should contain a well placed blanket SNAP! from 'Linus' the Ass.


Very funny--but I thought it was the entirety of the rank-&-file progressive Democrats & the "fiscally Conservative/socially liberal" moderate (& never voted for a Republican in their lives) RINOs who kept telling us how wonderful he was (this means you, Minimus).

"I think you'll be able to imagine many things Senator McCain will be able to say. He's never been the president, but he will put forth his lifetime of experience. I will put forth my lifetime of experience. Senator Obama will put forth a speech he made in 2002." - Hillary Rodham-Clinton

If you're such a louse that Hillary slams you that hard--& you're not a Republican--that's saying something. She's "married" to a serial cheater, serial sex offender, & rapist, for Pete's sake.


Damn, I feel so stupid, I totally missed the Peanuts connection.


I just learned yesterday of the Democratic Senate candidate fiasco in South Carolina.

I've not been able to stop laughing. I went to sleep laughing. I dreamt I was laughing. I woke up laughing. My sides & back are cramping, & I'm in excruciating pain--but I can't stop laughing.

That contest is a microcosm of not only the 2008 Presidential election, but of elections, Democrats, democracy, & voters in general.

For the record, I do not derive my amusement from Alvin Greene. I feel genuinely sorry for the guy.

However... Keifums, Ed, Chris, Joy, Rachel, "Whoopster", Minimus, et al--you must all be so proud of your Komrades & their pompous, ignorant self-righteousness.


This afternoon, I get behind an SUV with an "Obama/Biden" bumper sticker on it. There was also a personalized/vanity license plate on this SUV. The license plate read "2XAMOME".

While I had been chuckling all day, I went into even deeper laughter. I had to pull over, lie down in the bed of my truck, & let somebody else drive home.

I'm sure that license plate was supposed to symbolize "Two times a mommy". (Mome is considered to be an "archaic" word meaning blockhead, or a person who holds significantly counterproductive & self-defeating beliefs.)

Maybe I shouldn't be so amused by misdirected ideologues, the ignorant, & the semi-literate...

...but man, this stuff is funny--& just about everything I've read about politics since compounds the humor.

Restricted suffrage, anyone?


Every time I see a car with an Obama/Biden sticker, I feel like forcing them to the side of the road, pulling them out, and beating the crap out of them.

I do believe Barak will be wasting his time refuting Ahmadinejad due to several American’s are lumping Ahmadinejad as one in to the same class with Obama—but if Barak is to be accepted, and who knows in cases like this, Just maybe this can be the one instance that President obama fails to blame Bush.


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