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Book Cover Idea


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3 second rule! The top half of that scoop is still pristine, I tell ya!


Yep, '3 second rule' can save you every time!


I'm not an icecream guy, but if I was, I would be on my hands and knees, working as fast as possible to eat at least the top 2/3 of that scoop.


In other words, (I understand if it gets deleted)

I would be on all fours licking that ball like barney frank going down on lance armstrong.


JEEZ, Wickedpinto! THANK-you SO much for that... evocative imagery! I think I just "evoked" my breakfast (I don't think that I'll ever touch ice cream again).


I know Thunderbottom (cool as moniker)

It harmed me to type it, but it was just too good to pass up.


That NOT "too good" to pass up.

Poor impulse control, plain and simple.



Just a picture of Barney Frank would be 'evocative' enough for me!


Never look down the barrel of a loaded ice cream cone.


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