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Say What?


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"You have a thing for Jewish cowboys? Howdy, missy. I'm Bucky Steinberg."

Hi, I'm Glenn Greenwald.

Doc Al:

"I'm going to pinch you unless you can show me you're wearing some green!"


"Don't mind the guy behind me, he lives with his mother."


"Howdy Mister, wanna play footsies?"


"Hey, Baby! I'm Majuto Ahriman O'Bama! Kiss me--I'm Irish!"

this guy u know:

"say hello to my not-so-little friend"


"Howdy, heifer! I'm an' ol' cowhand... or cowpoke, as the case may be..."


How can you call me a heel? I'm a tube sock!

Tom Wms.:

Could you give me a hand?


Care to slip me onto something more comfortable?

bub bartley:

You want me. I can smell it.

bub bartley:

You want me. I can smell it.

bub bartley:

You want me. I can smell it.

Tom Wms.:

Baby, I'd warm your feet all night.


"...So that ol' Texan--he sees th' size o' that O-Bammy deficit & he sez, 'Golly, Mister. What part o' Texas iz you frum?'"


"B-i-t-t-e b-a-a-a-b-y!"


Funny, he doesn't look lederhosen.


"Ma'am, could you recommend a REALLY good proctologist?"


" My name is Bond...James CowBond "


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