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Say What?


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"I think you're bluffing."


"I'll see your five loaves and raise you two fish--now let's see you make something out of that!"


Jesus H. Christ, you're good at cards! What was your name again?


"You always hold the best cards"
looking at the silhouette across the table,
"I see that sinners like Michael Moore and I are still welcome at your table".

Hey John:

Most of the time these pictures of yours do not need any words, they're great just on their own.



1) i thought gambling is a sin?
2) Hey, Jesus. How would it be, if you stop sinning and let us win brotherly?


I dunno Dude, it's like you can read my mind or something.

Dr Bob:

Hey Jesus - I'd like to see you do that neat card trick again... yeah the one where you change your hand into five aces - including the ace of thorns.

Maybe next week you can bring your buddy Moses - I'd like to see him split the guacamole dip again.

"What Would Jesus Raise?"


Proverbs 16:33


That's a good one, Terwilliger.

Doc Al:

I'll bet this guy in the shadows over here has three sixes.


You're "The One"? I thought Obama had that covered.


You know, you look an awful lot like Chris Ferguson.

Tom Wms:

Go Fish!


Do you play poker? Then you have to read my post, Gambling and Trading. Looking forward to a game of cards with you and Allen! :)

Hey Martin

I don't play poker but I've always appreciated the skills involved.


I played poker when I was a teenager for fun. I met a financial trader in Dallas in 1996 that started out his career as a poker player.


"I denied knowing you in the break room at work, dealt from the bottom, stole from the pot, sold you out for thirty chips, & you're raising me what?"

Special Ed:

What do you mean "I raise your eternal soul?"


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