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Nietzsche. Now there's a guy who could have used to serious couch time with Sigmund.

Can you imagine those two, liquored up at a party?



Interesting that you'd mention Freud.

I guess you know that his contemporaries scoffed at his 1st hypothesis [of the humah psyche]--then he came up with all of the corn-balled sex stuff & his contemporaries lauded him. Towards the latter part of his life, psychologists were noting, "Hey, he was pretty much right the first time."

Freud was such a megalomaniac that he wouldn't allow people to return to his 1st hypothesis. He was afraid that he would lose his standing if he allowed the school of thought for which he had become so acclaimed to be seen for the sham it was, so he fiercely fought to maintain his image rather than do what he knew was right.

The sad thing is that there is still a strong contingent in those professions--& a larger contingent in the general population--that clings to the kook 2nd hypothesis.

Sounds an awful lot like this "clean, articulate, well-spoken"(1) guy I heard them talking about on the news the other day...

(1) excerpted from an interview with Joe Biden


Sounds like the best tribute you can give a teacher--to love learning so much that you never quit. Unless, of course, they were a compulsory school teacher & you're a PhD student working on your fifth major in the Marxist studies department, and you're learning what to think--not how to think.


That which does not teach us proves us stupid.


nietzsche for the win ;)


Nietzsche is Peachy.


Nietzsche is dead.


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