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...and now a word from Donald Trump.


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Great statement. I will use this cartoon in my next post!

Have a nice weekend! :)


Can't believe he believes in this humongous piece of shit of a bill! But since he was such a BDS guy, he's bound to jump on the bandwagon! Another New Yorker dictating our lives.

Think Big - The Motto of the Acme Genuine Squirrel Hair Toupée Company: Official Suppliers to 'The Donald'.


I'm very happy that Nancy Pelosi got $50 MILLION for a tidal-lands mouse in San Francisco Bay.

Talk about 'stimulating' the local economy.

jonathan logan:

I t just SOOOOO refreshing to see the bypartisan cooperation in the installment of this bill... oh nevermind...

I didn't know that the statement was referring to the stimulus package. Nevertheless, I will use the carton for illustrating a future post.


Trump... Ugggh... He's a confidence man building paper empires on the backs of "investors", taking big chunks for himself in short boom times & bailing on the crashes.

He's a Michael Milken wannabe & a blustering self-promoter. I would call him the white Don King, but I wouldn't want to insult Don King--& Don King has better hair.

Trump is a testament to how far you can go with a sometimes-serious, sometimes-annoyed looking frown on your face, boisterous rhetoric, & little knowledge of anything.

Hmmm... Now why would a guy like that support an Obama bill?


Chapter 11 yet again. Corporate limited liability has to go in these situations. Capitialism, yes. Corporatism, no.


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