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PHASE 5...adding an element


I wanted to soften the profile with a twined leaf wreath. It adds a neat dreaminess (Puck?) to the face and gives me a chance to introduce a cool (that is, "not warm") complimentary color to such a reddish composition (so far).

I'll be darkening the canvas and adding more texture next go round.

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Dan Bernard:

heartless and empty!


Forgot to mention that this is where you throw in the 'cracks'.


How so?


Pay Dan no mind. That sounds like the voice of somebody who doesn't know what you're doing, & infers that because he doesn't know, you can't possibly know either.

I'm perplexed at the turn you decided to take, but I'm looking forward to where it goes next.

From the previous installment, I would have bet that you were going to use brighter colors, & this was going to be a "Native American" piece.

Where to next? Only John knows.


Apprecitate the sentiment.

Ditto Terwilliger, although perplexed is not a term I would use here... one cannot fathom where an artist is going....

It's gaining in beauty, John.

Shalom from Jerusalem

Dr Bob:

Ok, I'll bite.

John, what is the purpose of the crack(s)?


It is a major clue to the tromp l'oeil theme of my paintings. Without cracks, the wall is stable and seems less affected by time and the elements. Detoriation is inevitable and sometimes beautiful in its own right (a major theme). Also, I find the starkness of a meandering line ties the work together. It leads the eye to the focal point


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