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Office Art


A little experiment. I took a small pastel landscape (11" x 6") I found in my sketchbook and photoshopped into a benign office setting. Once the scale is expanded to fit on the wall, the "small" piece has a depth and weight to it that surprised me.

I think taking some of my smaller pieces and blowing them up ten times (or so) might be a fun way to develop a new body of work.

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That's neat!


I get the feeling that--at the larger scale--your romantic style takes on somewhat of an impressionist vibe.

Would you call that "fusion by diffusion"?


If you mean "impressionistic" in the sense that that the surface quality seems to separate and enhances a sense of light....yes that happens in the scaling process and I find it interesting.

"Fusion by diffusion"...clever.

Doc Al:

Even though the work has been blown-up, I'm still having trouble finding the hidden woman's face.


Coop has done things like that in changing format. It's worked well for him, which is interesting because smaller things were his gig for a long time. Maybe the thing to do is to try some big formats and see how they go, eh?


That's what I meant. Brush strokes that were very refined & deliberate at the smaller scale seem to "open up" at the larger scale.

A change in perspective can be a wonderful thing.


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