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I did this for Allen Forkum a few issues back.

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Must have got a little too carried away blogging.

By the make of the car, they were leftist bloggers that were blogging about a blog that blogged about how Bush destroyed all modern civilization, returning us to a mid-evil feudal system.


Yeah, typical libs driving a VW. Probably tinkered with the engine so that it would run on bio-fuel. If they used vegan oil the fumes are what did them in. That stuff will unzip time and bend it every which way. You'll never know where you're gonna end up until you get there. Now these two clowns were probably upset with waterboarding. Just wait until they see when Gengis has is store for them. Ol' Geng loved throwing parties with a lot of screaming in the background.


Their mistake was using a car that couldn't consistently exceed 88 mph.


Well, it doesn't matter now. The Mongol destroyed the the flux capacitor with his flail.

700 years later, an archaeologist opens an oddly-shaped Yuan Dynasty sarcophagus. Inside he finds a VW Beetle 2.

Without hesitation, a bat-crazy calypso singer proclaims this to be evidence that the Mongols stole the technology, turned it over to the ol' white debil, and destroyed all evidence of its origination.

Earf to mutha-plane...


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