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DAY 3...


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Hey, cool political cartoons. Have you ever considered starting a website dedicated to such?



I did that from 2001-2007 with my partner Allen Forkum over at CoxandForkum.com.

So far, I'm getting a kick out of working out the ol' editorial 'toon thing. I still want to do more of my illustrations and paintings for this site.


Hahahahahaha! Gasp! Wheeze! Choke! Yer killin' me! :o)


I started to type this comment on the Obamantion thread yesterday, but thought it might be too over-the-top. Given this 'toon, I think it's appropriate.

This will be the height of P.-un-C., but here goes:

I've forced myself to listen to some of the fawning & emotional wringing over this "historic election", & if I hear "...Now [we] know that [we] can become anything [we] dream" again, I am going to puke.

Are people encouraged by the fact that "a person of African descent" was elected, or is it really that they are encouraged by the fact that "their kind of incompetent boob" was elected?

Personally, I won't feel good about a president (or a presidential candidate) again until we find one who is fully-qualified to hold the office, restrains his ambitions to his Constitutional job description, & is not a democrat* demagogue.

* there is a VERY big reason that I used a lower-case "D" in "democrat"



I've believed all my life that ANY person with ability & gumption has more than ample opportunities to do anything they want to do.

The thing standing in most peoples' way is poor attitude; in segments of every culture, anti-achievement mentalities rear their ugly heads.

As black folks complain about "racism" & "prejudice", white folks complain about "the rich", "the elites", those who "were born into it", "those who have won life's lottery", "the attractive", "the thin", etc.

You see, what all of these people have done is create a defense mechanism where they blame their failures on surmountable--& oftentimes quite irrelevant--externalities. "There's no point in trying to suceed because I'm doomed to fail." Yeah--that's a great excuse for sitting on your duff & going nowhere.

I'm not saying that those things don't exist. What I AM saying is that we allow those things to have more power over us than they ought to.

Yeah, maybe a door got slammed in your face... Maybe 2 or 3... Maybe 10... But if you're one of those who became a defeatist & said, "It can't be done because [they won't let me]", then you were your own worst enemy.

Dr Bob:

Wait until they find out the ObamaMessiah is actually the Wizard of Oz.

My apologies to "The Great Oz".

To amplify Terwilliger, there are lots of immigrants of varying races and ethnic origin working hard in low end jobs that prove that you can indeed be successful in the USA if you only apply yourself.


Thanks Dr. Bob.

Not to put off a friend-in-arms, but the point I was making wasn't so much about the virtues of hard work per se as it was about the availability of opportunities in just about any arena to anyone willing to seek them out, acquire the requisite skills, & go after them.

Sure, there may be times in our lives when we find ourselves in situations where we have to take work we aren't particularly thrilled about. It is indeed true that "There is no dishonor in ANY honest work"; however--for the determined, the rational, & the willing--America has long afforded ALL of us a wealth of opportunity.

Whether this bounty persists or not is now up to the egalitarian über-machine that the dumb-masses have installed for us.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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