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Check one, two....


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Al Franken, Rush Limbaugh or an "amalgamation"?


Looks like a cross between Neal Boortz, Alan Colmes, & that little worm "junior warden" in The Green Mile--right after John Coffey passed the evil to him.

If John had put glasses on the caricature, it would have looked even more like Boortz & Colmes.


My wife won't allow me to watch Colmes any more. She doesn't want to have to buy another TV set.


I hope you don't mean that you would watch Colmes if she would let you. Hannity is difficult enough to tolerate--& he's (generally) on the right side.

The only talking head left that doesn't make me want to vomit is Glen Beck, & I can stand only so much of him.

I like talk radio, and count myself fortunate to be working a job that I can listen often to Ingraham, Rush, Beck, and Hugh Hewett.

It's the network newsreaders at the top of the hour that sound this way to me.

Ear of the beholder, I guess.

Bill Bennett's early morning show is especially the opposite of your representation of talk radio,


come to think of it there is a local drive time pots-and-pans-clanger that does sound like that.

And I've heard that radio guys who affect the over modulated announcer style that sounds like the words are shoved through their open mouths are known in the biz as 'pukers',
so that may be spot on after all...

Since I've come down on both sides of this, I realize I have no future in Talk Radio,

but could be a Democrat presidential nominee!


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