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Haiku What?

Maybe ignorance
Is a poor man's happiness?
Wish I knew for sure.


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Hey John

I'm Haiku challenged, BTW did the second couple of bottles for Roger show?

The grapes always grow
She watches over the vines
The wine is my gift

HEY Allen

They sure did. Many thanks!! We didn't partake of the wine. We didn't really have a chance to sit down in the studio and enjoy a bottle. It got so late, any drinking was out of the question.


i like your style(s). i love the Cox and Forkum stuff, too. a clever lad, you are, and surprisinkly conservitative, for an artist.

a hand-bound future
a life without the end quotes
better not to know


To be happy
is to lack sadness,
yet still appreciate it.


assumptive error
poverty = ignorance
knowledge transcends $

Quiptoon once noted
happiness is not an end
it's found in the means

often we forget
happiness ain't what you have
it is what you do

or in other words
happiness ain't what you catch
it's in the pursuit


"happiness ain't what you catch
it's in the pursuit"

T's in the zen zone again!


Tom Wms.:

I am Dopey. Nice to meet you!


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