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Say What?


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"We were supposed to feed him cereal?"


"Sure, they start out cute, all pink and wriggly, but then they get bigger and there's just no room for them - and, of course, you end up taking care of what's supposed to be the kid's pet."

"I just wish we had a newer picture. Lucas hadn't even grown his third eye yet in this one."


h1L7Ud good site thx http://peace.com


"Dunno Xpzltiz. You loose something that darn ugly, would you want it back? Heck, would you even LOOK for it?"


"Information hurtling through a complex network of satellites & hyper-speed cables at up to 40 GB/second, & the best they can do is a Cellulose Fiber Display stapled to one of the vertical supports? That IS pretty messed up...but how can you even think that Xenu is the abductor? For the last time....He's FICTIONAL, dammit!!!"


"Is this the program that everybody's talking about? We've been staring at the screen for 8 days now, & it isn't getting any better."


"They should have added 'picks his nose' and 'hates baths'."

looks like "Bob" the spammer has found your site, John. His "Peace.com" site is a virus installation site.
Just thought you should know...


you know this city does have a leash law, but some folks just insist that their pets won't leave the yard.

Tom Wms.:

Its definitely not mine. He doesn't even have my eyes! Hell, he doesn't even have YOUR eye!


"You told me that was a new recipe with 'special stuffing'...You can't hide your lying eye."


"That explains the little marshmallow hearts, stars, moons, clovers, & diamonds in the stuffing last night."



I think it might be cool to do a frame of a cartoon like this--where we see things from "our" perspective--& then do another frame that shows the poster from "their" perspective.

Spark any ideas for you?

Looks like
lost his lunch.


"hmmmm, i think thats your number josh...is it!?"

Tom Wms.:

Kinda makes you blue, don't it?

Tom Wms.:

Kinda makes you blue, don't it?


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