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The latest toon for Allen Forkum's newspaper, "Automotive Report".

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The Chad:

I knew I'd see a C&F soon.

Who won the pool?

Hey Chad,


The Chad:

office pool. I think I put down $5 that you wouldn't last 6 months.


We're "Cox and Forkum" for business reasons. Any time I do a cartoon for Allen's paper, he puts that logo on there. We work together ALOT. We just don't do the political stuff we used to. That is to say, we never STOPPED being "Cox and Forkum".


I love the pious 'electric' users. They have no clue where electricity comes from, other than magically out of the wall.


And when the people drive by
and see a little flat car
they know he saved a lot of gas
but he didn't get far
in a...Prius?


Hey T, that would sound great sung to the tune of Presley's "Ghetto".


Hey G...That's kind of where I got it from. Limbaugh used to play a song parody called "In a Yugo" (to the tune of "In the Ghetto") back when SUVs were "bad" because they gave the "evil rich" an "unfair advantage" in collisions over the smaller, less expensive cars that the "unfortunate oppressed" "had" to drive.


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