24" x 12"
oil on canvas

A new piece that reflects my fascination with the Eden legend.

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Always felt Eve got a bad rap. Shoulda had a PR rep in her corner.


Adam caved. Kinda set the tone for the next few milleniums.


I like the TWO bites from the apple...

joyce Williamson:

I don't think it was a myth nor a legend. But, I like was a comedian said, if only she'd gone running to Adam with the more interesting fact that the snake can talk !

Read through the story in Genesis---I love what Eve said when Cain was born. She thought he was the Promised one, the Messiah. She named number two, Abel means breath.

When at the birth
Of Time
We entered there
To Learn
What our Creator
Would Teach
But instead tasted
The Sweetness
Of Betrayal.


"Adam caved. Kinda set the tone for the next few milleniums."

True story: Wife and I were having a 'discussion'. Finally, I said "whatever". Wife left room, #1 son (16 at the time) said that I was wrong to give in since I was in the right. Told him, "when you get married, we'll discuss this again."

Fast forward: Last year, #1 son and his wife are having a 'discussion'. He's says "ok, ok, fine". She leaves the room. I tell #1 son, "you were wrong to give in".
Took him about 15 seconds to make the connection. :)


Excellent story. Turns out wisdom has its funny side, too.


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