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Beyond Memory



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Jonathan Hohensee:

Are you going to post a picture of a dragon every time a great of science fiction dies?


A seething cauldron of hormones was raging thru her system. Her time was now, but there was a dearth of mates to be had. She pondered whether she and her sisters had been hasty in driving off the males during the last summer solstice. She was not in a mood to be trifled with.

HEY Jonathan,

No....but I feel a caricature coming on.


Garandfan's, continued...

Lancelot had approached her during that last solstice. He no longer thought of himself as a "dragon slayer."

The animal rights activists had succeeded in having them declared a protected species...they were, after all, a benign creation of "mother nature"...the only real evil was man. (The environmentalists were silent, however, as dragon breath had been shown to be the number one contributor to carbon-based-lifeform-generated global climate change.)

The constant retorts that he only hunted to pump up his inadequate machismo had worn down his resolve...and the constant harping about "assault swords" & "tactical lances" made him feel self-conscious just for owning those weapons--much more so to carry them.

Nonetheless, he decided to approach the dragon, & he implored her & her sisters to take their YAZ.

They summarily dismissed his pleas, roasted him in one breath...& then they ate him.

I retrospect, perhaps it wasn't all that wise to approach the dragons. After all, they were large enough to eat a horse in one bite, & were apt do so...AND...his suggestion for them to "Have a happy period" may have been insensitive...but maybe they did overreact just a tad.


Rathbraze continued to turn the problem over in her mind. The conclusion was quite simple, there's never a male around when you really need one. It's all their fault!


It should not come as a suprise that the career of artificial dragon inseminator was usually a very short one. Most found themselves "burned out" after just one difficult recipient.


Go ahead and pull my tail one more time! Then we'll see if you still think its funny.


Drew: Wow! Talk about pressure to perform!


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