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There Will be Oscars


Paul Thomas Anderson's "There Will Be Blood" features this years's best (STUNNING, I say) acting performance by Daniel Day-Lewis. Watch this film and try not to be awed by the complete immersion of an actor into his craft. I dare ya.....

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I only saw the clip before the award and not the entire movie (not even the actual award), but it was an intense 15 seconds. "Complete immersion" is a good description.

You captured his character quite well as I can still see Day-Lewis peeking through. Nice subtlety.


Yeap...Daniel Day-Lewis takes his job seriously. it was reported when he did Gangs of New York (not an especially good move, but...) he was so in tune with his character that nobody on the set could get near him.

"complete immersion of an actor into his craft"...you've got that right.


talk about saturated with an acting part, check out the "winner of best supporting actor/actress". she looked really demon possessed in her movie MICHAEL CLAYTON, whose leading actor, com'on, should have at least won best popcorn maker or something!!!!


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