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St. Barack


Too good to be true?

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A vacuous, charismatic platitude machine propped up by a booming voice & a genius for the rhythm & meter of language.

If his voice sounded like Rudy Giuliani's, Ray Romano's, or Mario Cantone's, his inept rhetoric wouldn't be the least bit appealing to anyone with an above-room-temperature I.Q.

On a related note:

There's a reason all campaign speeches are pitched no higher than the 4th or 5th grade comprehension level...


Pic would be more accurate if that halo was more 'zero' shaped. If elected (shudder), he'll end up another Jimmah Carter.

Barack Hussein Obama = Antichrist


I was thinking more on the lines of the Pied Piper


I think that Barack may by a mutant resulting from a cloning/genetic engineering experiment where Bill Cosby tried to splice together the genes of Weird Harold, Rudy, and Dumb Donald.

Try rendering him with a big pink stocking cap pulled down over his head...much more believable than a halo...

Or maybe John had a weird flashback where he was thinking in Hebrew...there was an error in translation, & he drew a halo when he should have drawn horns.

Maybe I'm just full of myself...but at the moment, I'm thinking I ought to be making some dough for writing this good.


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