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Restaurant Mural Idea


Greece being the core of Italian culture, I think it would be fun to do a mural of Greek gods sitting down to an Italian feast using Da Vinci's "Last Supper" as a template. Zeus, Hera, Athena, Mercury, Apollo, Aphrodite and the rest of the crew would definitely be in attendance.

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A tad sacriligious (like you care) but inventive.

And she could be saying, "Okay Zeusie, here comes the chariot, so open the stable."


Sacrilegious is a funny word for a Da Vinci send-up.


They served spagetti at The Last Supper?

And all this time I just thought it was lox, bagels and a budget merlot.


Dionysus should be fairly prominent. Where would we be without wine?

Jonathan Hohensee:

My neighbor used to make money painting murals for McDonalds. It was the most specialized job description I've ever come across.


So much of Greek culture came from the middle east. How about taking it to it's logical end & painting Mohammed at the center of the table having dinner with 11 mushroom clouds? Weave in 72 little troll-virgins for a Dadd effect.

I'm being facetious, BTW. I like your original idea.

The Chad:

I think the word you're looking for is sacrelicious


"Greece being the core of Italian culture"

Or, we could tell that the Italian culture started where Greek culture stopped (by invasion from a Roman Army, I will admit...)

BTW, french cuisine is nothing more than Renaissance Cooking from Tuscany, brought to france from a Medici noblewoman being married to a french king...


Erm, yes, spaghetti came from China.


And the tomato (as a food) came from "the new world"--& made it all the way past Italy to China as an ingredient in fish sauce.

"All things come from something else." (the meaning of the T'ai Chi symbol).


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