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"Can I show you something in a Norxillian cranial thong?"

Mr Michael:

PERFECT! Your kid looks like a local (has the attitude down PAT I have to say...) Now, if you'll step over here madam, we'll set you up with something in faintly blue hair and pearls I think...

"So I asked this good looking witch, 'how about a little head?'"

Jonathan Logan:

Now honey, you KNOW I can never find a cowboy hat in my size...


"Sure it is a second-hand shop, but I can't think of a better dress for the boy to wear."


No, you are not dumping the kid back on me! You took him, you probed him, he's yours now!


All the superheroes are meeting on the fourth pylon. Bring your phectyles.

Tom Wms.:

Talk about your red headed step child?!


Typical teenage attitude. Everything is BORING. Nothing new or exciting ever happens around here!

Special Ed:

Just because you don't live on earth, or that the music doesn't originate on earth, doesn't mean you don't have to pay royalties to the RIAA. Now pay up.


“So ze brat eez deesapointed…zere eez a sevawn day waiteeng peeriawd on ze Stetson for ze goode reezawn…zey looke tres stupide eef one eez nawt ropeeng ze dogeeze…haw haw haw.”


"Lithen honey...I'm ath athepting & underthtanding ath they come...but the world ith jutht not ready for thith kind of alternative couple, rainbow flagth notwiththtanding."


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