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Say What?


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"I know our divorce is hard on you and I understand you're wigged out, but he is your father, Luke."

"So, how's the date going? Is she pretty?"

"I hear heavy breathing... is there someone there with you?"

"If he's preventing you from pressing the reset button on his chest panel, you can always use the remote. You still have the remote, don't you?"

I know you'd prefer quality over quantity, John, but I honestly have no idea if anything I come up with is funny, so there it is.

Yeah, well, who died and made you Dark Lord of the Remote?


Uhmm.... that's not the droid you're looking for...


Hey, uh, Dad? Every time you press channel 7, your flux recycler goes into auto-vent mode. You're scaring the dog and peeling the paint off the walls.


Here I go, putting out a nice buffet, and a joker comes along and eats all the caviar and hogs the champagne:)

Decorum....you, know,,,,bite-sizes?

Is he holding a cell phone to his ear? How'd I miss that?


Kevin and Joan set a high bar!


"Remember Dear, when the babysitter says it's bedtime, it's bedtime, no arguing, PLEASE!"

"You can stay up....just don't let Uncle Jack go all "Lord Vader" on you if he drinks too much."


Darth Vader's other son resigned himself at an early age to never getting the remote.

I see... *burp*... please, excuse me. Now it makes perfect sense to take it slow and turn-like. Thanks for explaining it so well and kindly, John. :)


"He'll leave as soon as he finds out how Hillary did in the Caucus!"

I missed the cell phone at first, too, Joan. I wrote a quip like yours and was about to hit "Post" when the lightning from the cloud caught my eye and I thought, "looks like rain".

But now I realize that it's actually a plastic comb which is telling our young Luke that he must kill Vader. That boy is not well.

Holy Cannoli! I just noticed all the spam on your old threads, John. Maybe using a captcha would help?


"I'm sensing a disturbance in the circle."


"Just tell me you arent drunk at a Trek Convention, dude! Last time you went to bed with Leia and woke up with Jabba the hut."


"Thank you for calling 1-800-JEDI-NYT...chiotto Ewokese, gyeesh geetch one...che Huttese, pushee dopa..."


Awesome, Terwiliger! You actually did the translations!

Gyeesh (gyeesh) 1. Please.
Geetch (geech) v. 1. Push.
chu is one though...


John Cox: sometimes you make my day.

Shalom from Jerusalem


Happy New Year and may it be one of health and inpiration!

Special Ed:

"Choking the refs wont change the outcome of the bowl game Dad.


This thread is cracking me up.

First, thanks to Gronker. The idea hit me & I did a brief web search...didn't put much effort into it, & the site I found didn't have numbers. If I got paid to do this, I'd put more effort into the captions. Anybody for Cox & Terwiliger? (Just kidding...Forkum is irreplaceable.)

I was imagining the frustration I get from typical support lines that start off with the "generic canned phone chick voice" & invariably end up with somebody speaking in a thick Indian accent. It's not easy getting all of that into one caption. Here's a revised hybrid version:

"Dank you furdr colling de Jedi Knight crdisis line...yurdr coll ees impordtint to us...pleese chuse frum de fawlowing menu...chiotto Ewokese, gyeesh geetch chu...che Huttese, pushee dopa..."

Is that how you'd do the accent with the rolled "R"s?

Second, Gronker's post cracked me up. What immediately popped in my mind was the Saturday Night Live episode with William Shatner at the Star Trek convention, where he's admonishing the Trekkies to get a life..."Look at you...Have you even kissed a girl?"...I'd have a hard time imagining a Trekkie bagging Carrie Fisher now, much less Leia.

I get a kick out of a lot of the other posts, too.

Finally, I cringed when John chided Kevin. I'm way worse than Kevin is, although I do try to break them up so everybody else can play.

I don't post half of what comes to me & I still overdo it. If you folks don't think they're funny &/or they're too much, speak up & I'll post less (all I can say in my defense is that they come easy to me).

Tom Wms.:

Yes, doctor. I think my dad is suffering from depression. He just sits around all day in his robe, drinking beer and watching TV!

David Ostroske:

"Dude, your uncle has got to be a Dark Lord. I mean, what sort of person would watch Episode 1 over and over again?"


"So, how are you getting along with the new baby sitter?"


Mikey, has your dad gotten over not being cast in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat yet?


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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