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Media Alert!


I was alerted by my Florida friend and fellow artist, Steve Mcafee, that he MAY have seen a snatch of my work on......wait for it.....the COLBERT REPORT. I was told I could catch the re-run and try to verify what he saw.

I was unable to be near a t.v at the Jan. 11 8:30 showing, so I called Allen Forkum to see if he could either watch the re-run and tell me what he saw (he could recognize the work) or maybe tape it and send me an image.

Well, here it is. Neat, huh?

Three questions....
1. Which Mid-Eastern paper ripped me off and (2) does Comedy Central know THEY didn't do the art?

3. Am I disturbed that the drawing possibly helped the enemy?

Kinda of weird....

Check the Cox and Forkum "Newsmaker Caricatures" archive and you can see the Clinton and Obama caricatures the newspaper stole.

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This is the Al-Hayat newspaper (logo in the upper right). It is left of center, pan-arabist, published in London.

Google: al-hayat wikipedia

There is a link there to the al-Hayat website - you'll see the logo is the same.

The headline says: Hillary and Obama presidential battle struggle of the sixties generation

Since they print in NY and London perhaps you can sue/threaten to sue.


Thanks for the info! Very helpful.


John, don't sue, it will take years and lots of money. Better you should let me call my uncle "Knuckles" in Philly, he owes me one. He'll make a bigger impression than any lawyer. His usual choices are 'fold', 'spindle' or 'mutilate'. I'll leave the rest to your vivid imagination!

Hey John:

Great that Tony Abu X was able to identify the paper for you. I was just going to let you know that I would check with my contacts for you tomorrow, but I see that won't be necessary.

These people are suing and threatening to sue all the time, it would be nice to get something going against them for a change. Have at it. There are probably some groups who can help you.

Shalom from Jerusalem


I'm sure it's a tempest in a teapot. I'm not the litigious type, anyway. I don't have the resources or the patience to see it through.

Which is what they count on, right?


Could this be an opportunity to springboard a little further into the limelight?

I know that Boortz was a fan of C&F, I would think that any REAL Conservative would be.

It might be a piece a number of pundits would be interested in doing/covering, which should be worth some free face time (at minimum).


Poor John.....the *sob*...the victim.



John - I say SUE THE BASTARDS for copyright infringement!

Wish I could recommend a good lawyer :(


I wasn't thinking "play the victim."

I was thinking more along the lines of a lighter, punchier segment with a "Dennis Millerian" flavor...an opportunity for "shameless self-promotion"...an excuse to crack a few jokes--maybe some self-deprecating humor--resulting in prices for your artwork climbing into the stratosphere. (:

If you're open to a lawsuit, I can think of a law school that might be itching to take on something like this "at no cost to you."

Some people might cringe at the thought of you being associated with them, so I won't put the name here...they're in a city that has the same name as one where a famous whiskey producer is located.

Frank White:

Colbert attributed the article to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force (who were pictured below), so perhaps people assumed they did the artwork as well.


Very twisty. It's like they'd have to be STUPID ON PURPOSE.

Too bad that's their thing.


I'm looking into it.


Over on b3ta several designers have had their stuff ripped off by British newspapers--all of them English language as far as I know; Al-Hayat wasn't in the ones I saw. One was ripped off not by a newspaper but by a Coke campaign in Brazil

Most of those were settled after some pungent back-and-forths between the artist and thief to the artist's eventual benefit, but it took some public shaming...

red collar:

Mr Cox, you won't sue them?

In that case I'd make a cartoon out of it.

Al-Hayat editor:
"Hey, I want to steal this cartoon.
Get C.A.I.R. on the phone and clear it
with them..."

...just a thought.

Abu Lahab:

Hello, this is a link to Jan 9th issue of Al Hayat where it was published
Issue can be purchased here:

Hope that helped.
Good luck and thank you for your wonderful art.


Thanks again. I'm interested in haring from these yahoos.

Arrrgh! Those people are so incredibly uncreative it's, it's, it's incredible. Their own cartoons are decidedly unfunny.

Woo to the site and to the pics, I'm a long-time admirer.


Hey John!
"Knuckles" is still available if it doesn't work out.


Really, really enjoy your stuff.

Publications world wide can rip you off... just like that?


Generally, an artist doesn't have the resources to protect himself. If a large corporation in another country steals artwork for their own product, it's hard to reconcile the money-owed with the money-spent to get the money-owed.

Tony Abu X:

John: thats another Abu!


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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