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Sketch Book


The drawing on the left is the first sketch for the Matamoros cover. I was trying to involve a taped up image that would feature a likeness of Sobietti, the main character. The writers and I decided it would be more dramatic if he were actually in the scene.

I'm sure the "taped up drawing" motif can work. Gotta find the right project.

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Mr. Mustachio just winked at me. I'm a callin' him out. Ready. Set. Draw!


"Howdy, partner! If you're fixin' to make trouble, meet my friend here."


Just bouncing ideas...

When I see your taped drawing technique, the thing that pops in my head is revisionism. I think the concept would be a good device to imply commentary, especially irony, wishful thinking, or criticism.

Any number of subjects might work well:

(1) A large painting of the Bill of Rights, with sections cut away & others taped over (a la "the 7 Commandments" in Animal Farm). Maybe make it a poster?

(2) EXAMPLES: Take a classical-looking work (Napoleon?) & put somebody else's head on it (Perot?)--your stuff wouldn't be so derivative, of course; maybe a painting of a roof section of a cathedral with out-of-place gargoyles inserted (Darwin's Mistake, pig on a spit, Kennedy on a barstool, Craig on a toilet, Clinton in the oral office, the Oscar, etc.) titled something like "Government: The Secular Church"; maybe a portrait with part of the [face] covered with [the corresponding part of another] (to imply duplicity, similarity, irony).

(3) Reverse the concept. Make it look like you cut a piece (more vivid than the background) out of a painting (frayed canvas & all) & taped it (or perhaps stitched or riveted it) to another work (or paint a "hole" cut in the canvas with another image behind it)--or do a figure study so it looks like sections are missing (a la Venus de Milo).

(4) IMHO, it would be interesting to see the bust section of the statue And Jesus Wept (OKC bombing memorial) morphed onto the body of The Thinker (no commentary implied here...I just think it would look cool). Given the somber nature of that memorial, I wouldn't do it, of course.


Interesting stuff. A lot of intense visual ideas there. I can see there is rich source of commentary iby mixing motifs like that.


Interesting suggestions...

Ha, the picture taped on picture is becoming something of a trademark of yours, John :)


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