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Let's don't go in. I don't want to start a new priest/rabbi/imam joke.

You really think we'll find Mitt Romney in there???


"Hey Schlomo...howzabout youse gets EIGHT o' deez signs, puts one ovah each'o d'gates, & viola...Akmed duzzint even wanna get in."

"Voila" is misspelled on poipoise.


"Geeziz I hates bein' da wingman...but it ain't like I's can trust eithuh one 'o youse."


"I guess youse gets ta be da dezignated drivah again, Akmed."


"That's the last time we come here for communion...who in his right mind would trade a Baptist Preacher for a Mullah?"

Lord I apologize, & please be with the starving Pygmies down in New Guinea.

Shtick 'em up.

Jonathan Hohensee:

"So he said, 'do you think I asked for a 12-inch pianist?'"

"I'll order water. Mohammed, you drink a double Whiskey. Rabbi, you pay for it. Those bastards won't know what hit 'em."

How do you change stereotypes? One bar at a time, my friends. One bar at a time.

"What happens in Queens, STAYS in Queens."


"KOSHER this...HALAL that...If you won't eat the pig's knuckles, try the gristle lumps."

Again...Lord I apologize, & please be with the starving Pygmies down in New Guinea.


Last one from me...you guys tear it up...

"Akmed won't go in here, & you wouldn't let me go to the playground...OK, Rabbi--you pick."


Stop me if you've heard this one....an athiest, a nilhist and a nudist go into a bar.....


Nice, You turned it on itself. Funny


"OK, so we are agreed? Last man standing gets the deed to the Old City. right?"

Have you heard that the atheists are hanging out in the limbo lounge at the bar? How did you guys score on Dante's Inferno test? I wonder if St. Dean will be here tonight.


"I feel like I'm in one of those twisted Evolution/Devolution Progression/Regression cartoons, but I don't think I like the message this one sends no matter which way you look at it."


"Too bad you two never let the Queer Guys get an Eye for you. They worked wonders for me."


"Rabbi, I'm getting sick of you bringing us here on hat night when it's your turn to buy. With the two-for-one special I always get stuck with Manischewitz, & Ahmad is just embarrassing with his Shirley Temple."

I got nutin', but I will say I like Gronker's the best.


Inspired by Rutager...

"Mustaphah...when you said you had a taste for a Shirley Temple, I had something entirely different in mind."

red collar:

I'm with Garandfan on this one.

All I could think of was:

"This is the last time we let the Senator set up a meeting."


"I still don't understand how these costumes will help get girls."


"My purse is NOT on fire...it's a thurible."


"They want us to pay for the beer we drank, so you guys better split. The next gig is gonna be dynamite...huge...you'll see...Akmed is in charge of that one."

She caught the Pope-mobile & left me a goat to ride...

Tom Wms.:

Did you hear the one about the three kings traveling through the desert?


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