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Or plants maples on Ash St, magnolias on Juniper Ave, and ash trees on Sugar Pine Way.

Go figure.

We have one that has all the streets named after models of
Fords. Must have been a car lot preciously.

previously not preciously. Dang.

The Golden Years

All I do these drawn-out days
is sit in my kitchen at Pheasant Ridge
where there are no pheasant to be seen
and last time I looked, no ridge.

I could drive over to Quail Falls
and spend the day there playing bridge,
but the lack of a falls and the absence of quail
would just remind me of Pheasant Ridge.

I know a widow at Fox Run
and another with a condo at Smokey Ledge.
One of them smokes, and neither can run,
so I'll stick to the pledge I made to Midge.

Who frightened the fox and bulldozed the ledge?
I ask in my kitchen at Pheasant Ridge.

--Billy Collins


What a nice post. Goes exactly with the irony of the quote.

I originally heard it on A Prarie Home Companion a few months ago, and your cartoon reminded me of it, so I thought I'd share it.


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