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9" x 12"
mixed media on paper

I was playing around with a little gold leaf and I thought a figure study added a nice classic feel to the composition,

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I like that! The color composition really reaches out and grabs you!


Come to think of it, stretch it out a little and I think you'd have one heck of a national flag!!!!!!

Yeah, I can see the flag, too: red, woman, and gold be her colors.

And the fade of her breast (understandable in this crowd; /me looks glaringly at everyone except me. :)) even before the "opening up" sign.

The gold leaf and red is also like unwrapping a gift. And she is undoing her hair... perhaps getting into a hot tub?

The lighter square is interesting; was it going to be a window?


The faded square shape was put there to add emphasis to her face and elbow. I like the interplay of shapes.



Question from deep in left field...

Do you ever see Swan brand turpentine (comes in about an 8-ounce glass bottle with a white, blue, & green label)--& if you do, where?


Not familiar with that brand. I like to use the odorless Turpenoid (blue and white can). Most any art store or home improvement store carries it.

TECH TIP. Purchase a funnel so you can pour the turpentine back into the can after your painting session.. All the pigment will settle to the bottom and you'll have clear turpentine when it's time to paint again. NEVER JUST THROW OUT THE USED TURPENTINE.


Thanks for the tip.

Although I do paint (I don't practice as much as I should)...

I was asking because...as good-old country southern stock...I learned that turpentine is a darned good topical application for cuts & abrasions (in my experience they'll heal a whole lot too much faster'n with them fancy new-fangled creams'n such).

I'm looking for Swan because it's the only brand I know of that comes in a glass bottle (I know they still make it--I was hoping I could find it without going through the hassle of ordering from a 'net vendor I don't know anything about)...& I has done runned out.


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