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Matamoros Comic Book Cover


IT'S DONE!! We'll be cutting the comic book loose on the public very soon. Keep ya posted!

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The Santiago cross on the wall should be longer in its "lower arm", or am I wrong?

Yes, here in Spain Santiago's cross usually has a very long lower arm. Anyway it looks really cool.

And the title is simply awesome. "Matamoros" literally means "moor-slayer".

todd a:

Can't way to see it, JC! Keep up the great work!


I referenced a few styles of the St. James cross. We chose his one.

Me? Sign me up for an autographed copy, Hot Shot.

Very impressive stuff.

To me, it's the culmination of everything I've seen on this site. Best yet. Graphic design (not sure if you did it), human form, composition, the texture and crack in the wall. I also got a sense of the gun being a sword after I read snipfer's definition.


I felt like I brought everything to the table on this one. Doesn't happen to often.

Militant Bibliophile:

Very cool. I haven't read comics since my dad threw out all of ours when I was in Jr High. I think I'll have to relapse for this one!


The gun looks like a mix between a hunting shotgun, an m14 and garand.

Can't wait to buy a copy, John. I really like the cover.

Mmmm . . . John makes with the drooling. Any chance this'll be at my local Barnes & Noble?


We're gonna self-publish and sell the books at the Matamoros website. Once it's up and running, I announce all the pertinent info.

Really proud of this thing.....

Solid piece, really looking forward to the inside art and story. And the title font is very nice, very different, just right.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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