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Thought What?


A little Halloween candy...

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Trick or Treat or DIE!

"Ok, don't panic. I think I just wet myself."


dang! that made in china smoke cannister just exploded


I think this would be a good illustration for a Quiptoon...

“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make a heav’n of hell, and a hell of heav’n.” – John Milton

From Paradise Lost, Book 1

There have to be other quotations about the mind, the imagination, & thought that would be good for this illustration, but this is the only one I could recall clearly enough to find it. Anybody else have anything?


Last one...

“Don’t let us make imaginary evils, when you know we have so many real ones to encounter.” – Oliver Goldsmith


Excellent quotes. I like how the possibilities for interesting takes are wide open.


(Hillary! in costume)
Tim Russert is dead meat!

I can quit any time I want...


"Oh, man. That guy behind me has the greatest costume ever!



I won't say "thanks" for your "kudos" on the quotations I posted--I didn't write them, & had it not been for your artwork, there wouldn't have been any cause to post them in the first place.

I too like the openness of this forum...you SHOULD like the nature of this forum...you CREATED it!!!

(Give yourself a hearty pat on the back--you deserve it.)

The reason it works so well is simple: this isn't a blog of competing opinions.

It is: (1) Primarily, a showcase for your work; & (2) A forum that--by virtue of the way it is constructed--is focused entirely on creative expression (rather than competitive advocacy, like a billion other blogs on the 'net).

Those of us posting comments aren't "creating" much--if everybody else posting here is like me, we're just enjoying what you do & getting a kick out of posting little ditties & reading other peoples' for a laugh or two.

It's a bonus to see suggestions appreciated--& sometimes even incorporated.


P.S. Another thing that makes this stuff so much fun is that so far, the "ground rules" are pretty loose. So far, it has been a self-policing forum. To discourage abuse of these boards, I am citing myself for "over posting"--& I am sentencing myself to sharply curbing my posts on the "Say What" boards. My apologies for cluttering things up.



Your enthusiasm is the whole point. Let 'er rip!


HEY ANON (I think that was John)...

Enthusiasm is OK as long as people don't associate it with fanaticism.

From my experience, as soon as people perceive that there is a fanatic on their ship (whether there is one or not), most will jettison it.

This place should be a BIG TENT, welcoming to as many as possible (everybody won't be happy, but like you said--"There are no crybabies in comedy").

I'll keep posting--I'm just going to "reduce output to improve quality" (& to signal that if there is a fanatic in our midst, it ain't me).

Geez, this is cheezy.


Tom Wms.:

"My minds a blank."


"Trick or Trick!:

I have the strangest sense of 'Deja-Boo'...

"God, it's a medical condition, okay? How could you even smell it, you don't even have a nose!"

Wherever you be, let your wind go free, for keeping mine was the death of me.

Fart What?

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