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Thought What?


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Note to self: No more mushrooms with the anchovie pizza!


Nice start!


"I miss the old days when shroom-hopping wasn't so competitve."

"And the Hookah was taken away in response to accusations of doping from the Cheshire team. Back to you, Ron."

"Note to self: toadstool suppositories don't help anything. Oh, and they're too big."

People may laugh at the Blind Fairies Race now, but someday one of us is gonna find that finish line.


"You strive for something like you would see in a Richard Dadd, but some days it's all you can do to climb to the top of a mushroom."

"I don't understand. They told me I could fly on 'shrooms!"


"Number fifteen, your time is up !"

/in a '50's british brothel owners bullhorn voice


"Right field again dammit ... Maybe I'll join the Wood Nymph Soccer League."


"I wonder how many people would still eat mushrooms if they knew where they really came from?" One Five pondered as he took his morning constitution.


Let me expand on my suggestion...

"You strive for something like you would see in a Richard Dadd, but some days it's all you can do to climb out of the crap & onto the top of a mushroom."


Here comes a MAJOR whiff.

Hey John--What was on your mind when you put a "15" on the pixie's(?) back?

"OK--I know I got this Hallmark gig by really playing up my creative writing skills, but I am having MAJOR writer's block trying to come up with anything for the new Tu B'Shvat card. Maybe if I get rid of the tree, the little pixie, & the mushroom--& just keep the 'pile'--I can sell it as an IRS Agent Appreciation Day card."


Man, this illustration was laying around for AWHILE. I believe I had in mind a small race of fairy-like creatures who recently exiled one of their own. The number idea was utterly random. I guess the number makes him interchangeable and his banishment had to do with an attempt to freely express himself in a society that doesn't allow it.

"Everything looks much brighter when you're driving that cosmic debris." "Now is that a real poncho, or a New Jersey Poncho?"


Thanks John. It's interesting to see where different people get their muse(s) from. The story you describe sounds like it would make for a very good illustrated childrens' book or a fable-based comic. Makes me think of the May 7 quiptoon.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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