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Say What?


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Jonathan Logan:

"Hey, why doncha take a pictcha? They last longa!"

"Is you undressing me wit' yoour eyes?"

Paul G:

"Well that was faster than a speeding bullet..."


Trying to avoid the obvious...

"Schlomo, remoined me ta tip da bahtendah. Dis is da best Loahng Island Iced Tea EVAH!"

"Hey, you wanna be supah? Get me s'more ice, why doncha."

"Get my Sheldon to shave his back every once in a while. Now THAT would be supah."


But alas, I'm too late...Paul was faster than I was.

It's still funny, though. Not funny "HA HA," but still funny..."ha."


"So's I drink dis stim cell cocktail thingy an' it duz fuh me whut it did fuh you?"


Let me help you out, it's cancer.

"Mine are bigger, but only just."


All I can think of is Larry Niven's classic send-up of the concept of Superman marrying Lois Lane, "Man of Steel, Woman of Tissue." Think about it a little. Giggle. Think about it some more. Giggle harder. Poor Lois.



"Shrinkage I can deal wit...Rust? Getdafunkoutaheah."


"'Crib tonight?' Yoah not gettin' fresh wid' me arh ya?"

X-ray vision? Schmex-ray vision.

Hey Soupy! Didn't you realize this is a nudist resort???

"Thanks fuh savin' me, Supes. I guess ya want me ta put out now, huh?"


"I may go by Lexus Luther now, but I'm still ploting for your demise."


So, whatta ya got that's soooooo super? Huh?


"Hey...I thought only kryptonite made you weak"


Blue tights, a cape, underwear on the outside.....And your NOT gay, who woulda thunk it.


Mine are bigger than yours, does that make me SUPER SUPERWOMAN?


"No, Mistah. Dis is Del Boca Vista. I tink Bizarro Woild is in Califoinia."

"Stop feastin' on me wit yoah eyes, mistah...my knish is as cold as yoah Foitress of Solitude."


"No, mistah--I duzzint have a pockit full'o Kryptonite. Fuh dat mattah, I duzzint even have any pockits."


"Neechee? I tink I've hoid uv'im. Ain't he d' guy dat runs d' Seshwan place ovuh by d' loindrymat?"


bull shi' mistah, finding nemo wuz bettuh movie


"Why yeah, I am d' same testah dat d' majah leegs yooses. D' tests dey yoose for steahroyds ain't as suhfisteecated as yuh mite tink. I'll have yuh resultz 'n just a swig uh two."

Special Ed:

Me thinks you might be trying to compensate for something.

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