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Say What?


UPDATE Rubber Chickens (rb) will be doled out. What is an "rb"? See the previous "Say What" to catch up.

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"Oops, pardon, clumsey feet."

"NO. First you get your driver's license, then you can go out and vote. Look, Democrats can't help illegals any more than that, man. Take it or leave it be for a couple of years."

"It's on my shirt? Do you see it? Kill it! OMG, bugs give me the creeps."

"Why, I guess you're right: your eye does match my outfit today. Wow, your eye is really beautiful, you know. Has anyone ever told you that?"

"My glasses are awesome, but I think you need ears for glasses... or at least a nose. I'm thinking contacts... er... contact for you. And, FYI, I know you can't see me from farther away, but I really feel you are invading my personal space here."

"A. Aaa. Aaa-CHooooo! Yech. Sorry about that. Right in the eye, too. That's not good."

"I probably should have asked before we began our little staring contest, but do you even have eyelids?"


"Nope. Still don't see anything. Have you tried flushing it with ZoopĆ¼r urine?"


"Egads ! I never agreed to a retinal scan !"

Here We Go....

Gar-whiff (feet-not funny)
K-2rb (staring is funny. Eyelids-good touch)
RedC-blank (illegals-not funny)
G-2rb (Zoopur urine is funny)
M-1rb (retinal scan ALMOST funny)


"Personal space!"

"Hey, it's just not working out, ok? I don't know what it is, you just make me uncomfortable sometimes..."

"3000 years and the DMV still sucks..."

"No, we have to take the picture again, I think you blinked."


You've set a a new state record:
4 whiffs.

I'm impressed.

"Oh my God... it's full of stares."


DAMN...I actually GOT that!("2001 Space Odysey" reference for you young 'uns)....3 rubber chickens (bonus points for a decent pun)

"So, you've got to ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky?" Do yuh, punk? Feel lucky?"

Mr. Cox, sir, I know it's not funny... But it's in the news. I guess aliens from space will be next.



"Eye, Captain!"


"Say, you're quite a looker!"


"My, what big eyes you have. Eye. I meant eye!"

And on the same note:
"Is... is that you, grandma?"

"I really should stop tripping."


Ok I admit it, one size doesn't fit all. Just bring in the contact for a refund.


Sorry, we were using your contact lens as a boogie board.

Fifth time's the charm, Dave.

Looks like snowdog's going for that bonus with his first two. :)

"Dr. Dave Bowman: My God, it's full of stars.
This statement is not actually in the movie. Bowman makes it in the novel by Arthur C. Clarke, and it is included in the sequel 2010: The Year We Make Contact."

The 2001 movie was too slow for me, but the summary of the novel is excellent.


Working on it, Kevin! How about:

"I don't care how big you are. I'm the teacher and you're the pupil!"


"OK! OK! I'll watch CBS News!"


I love the multiple attempts. But they do seem a little desparate.

Looking for rifle shots here. Not shotgun blasts hoping to nick something.

Brevity, my good people, brevity.

And Kevin....thanks for the correction.

Snowdog-1 rb (who can't smile when you hear "boogie board")


I'm disappointed in you guys...not a single "one-eyed monster" joke.


Fine...I'll do it.

I'm Sorry, but your "giant one-eyed monster" personal ad was a little misleading.

I cannot explain why the "pupil" line made me snicker, snowdog. "CBS" took me a minute to get.

Aaron's "one-eyed monster" line gave me the willies, literally and punly.


Bango. Give that man three rubber chickens. It was: weird, naughty, sarcastic. Not bad.

John, I just thought others might be interested in the factoid... for all I knew, you were referring to the novel. :)

A _little_ desperate? Those rubber chicks make men do funny things. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.


Funny you don't look like "a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater".


Dry eye? Clear eye.

Caption: Ben Stein in the future.

And I suppose that means whiffs are bad? Kind of new at this, if you hadn't noticed.


Just having a little fun with everybody's sense of humor. I didn't mean any offense.

Funny is hard.


Sorry! Gas. Heh!


"Exactly WHAT kind of mushrooms have you been eating, Alice?"


Nah, it's cool. Sorry if that came off sarcastically. I have a rather dry sense of humor and can be a bit sarcastic sometimes...(



"Methinks this GoogleVoyeur thing is beyond ridiculous."


"My that's terrible ! So what are you going to do with the monkey ?"


"I guess we can't call Randy Johnson the 'Big Unit' anymore."


C;mon people.. here's the obvious one...

"Ooohhh... I am NOT in Kansas anymore!"


No, I'm not a purple people. Are you color blind? I didn't know they allowed anyone to fly if they're color blind even if they are one horned.

{^_-} (It's a stretch and ya gotta be old enough.)


Last one...

"No, you may not have an official Odysseus carbine action two-hundred shot range model catapult with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time. You'll put your eye out!!!"

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