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I actually wrote a clean limerick. Why do limericks readily lend themselves to deviant verse?

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Nice, a good sing-song lilt.


Why do limericks readily lend themselves to deviant verse?

Maybe because limericks are also associated with adult beverages. : )


Because otherwise it's hard to rhyme "Nantucket."

This month's Sunday Schlock Mercenary strips all have some sort of rhyming verse in them as part of a dream-sequence theme.

For one of them I had the narrator speak entirely in sequential limericks, where each limerick had some sort of final rhyme punchline AND told a piece of the whole story.

Ye gods, but that was difficult.

My point, then -- nice limerick, John. And the picture is wonderful too.

One more thing -- the very best limericks don't go: AABBA for rhyme-scheme. They go like this:


The fact that "poohed," and "food" both rhyme with the word "soup" in the middle of the last line is what really makes the limerick flow.

Again, very nice work.


There once was a girl from Algiers.........

on second thought, I'd better not go there.



Ah, a welcome break from duck haiku (ducku).

There once was a duck name o' Jack
Who swam and waddled and quacked.
A young girl named Sue
Put Jack in the stew
So now, she just calls him Snack.

Yeah, I'll keep working on it...


Wow. That DOES sound tough. It could be a good theme for a children's story. I'd love to take a crack at something like that,


Excellent attempt. Poor wittle Jack....


Hmmm...duck soup....sounds like a neat title for a movie.

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