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Caricature Du Jour


Congratulations, you over-heated gasbag. The Anti-American Award (a.k.a the Nobel Peace Prize) goes to yet another Democratic demagogue bent on abusing America's character.

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Kurt R. Radtke:

Thank you for printing the thoughts I have had for the last 24 hours. Oh yes, love your work!

Jonathan Hohensee:

I'm pissed that once again I have been snubbed from the prize I deserve.

Jonathan Hohensee:

And as a person who vaugely likes Al Gore (in the way you'd like that mouth breeder kid in high school who would always hang out with your friends even though it kind of made you feel uncomfortable) I find him getting the peace prize completely ridculous. Don't they usually go to only obscure civil rights activists who only World Studies majors know about?


The thought "Pompous Ass" enters my mind when I see his picture. And that's when I'm feeling generous!

Wanna bet there won't be a "Draft Al in '08" movement? Remember "He's Rested, He's Ready?"?


...And the Nobel Peace Prize succeeds in shooting itself in the leg once again!


Check out the history of most Nobel Peace Prize recipients and the fates that befell them shortly after receiving it.I can only hope that the curse is true. God help us if that man ever gets any REAL power again.

The only person truly deserving of this award was Mother Teresa and the only other person in the world also truly deserving but didn't get one was Mahatma Gandhi.


" MT was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction. And she was a friend to the worst of the rich, taking misappropriated money from the atrocious Duvalier family in Haiti (whose rule she praised in return) and from Charles Keating of the Lincoln Savings and Loan. Where did that money, and all the other donations, go? The primitive hospice in Calcutta was as run down when she died as it always had been—she preferred California clinics when she got sick herself—and her order always refused to publish any audit. "

Ah, the bringer of Peace.

I find it peculiar that the prize was not given during WW2, et al., where efforts towards a just peace are most vital, though I suppose it is no more peculiar than some of the recipients themselves.

Wanna bet there won't be a "Draft Al in '08" movement?

Don't bet the farm.


Note the Soviet-style™ godliness of his visage and countenance.

Also, it's better for Gore to get the prize than for that Polish woman who saved all those kids from the Holocaust. Wouldn't want to sully the poor woman's reputation, would we?


The cari doesn't have enough chins.

Excellent Caricature Du Jour!

And Peace?? He'll be known for the enormous tribal-rise of those fear-mongered into scarcity wars...

The "Global warming" movement started in third World by decapitating their productivity. And now they will further pit indigenous survival against those who cannot be swindled.

This is a war between Hollywood Science and the true scientific contributions toward mankind...

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