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Out of the ol' sketch book....

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Buh-buh-buh, buh-buh-bah-bahhh... Hmmmmmmmmmmm....mmmm.mmmmmm...
Iiiiiiiiiii feel free!

I can't tell. Is Devon Stark colored with watercolors or pastel/pencil?


That's all watercolor/pen and ink. Very tiny, too. That Stark drawing is about 5" high.


Hmmmm....that's means he's life sized, right?

Interesting proposition. If we 'down size' everything, does that mean the planet would sustain more people as the supply of raw materials would commensurately increase?

Also, would not all our problems then be smaller?


cox =dafnshe
رسوماتك رائعه جدا وتوحي بعضها برسومات دافنشي شكرا

Well, then, it's lucky for Captain Stark that this is not a negotiation. :)

But what I'm really left wondering is where is the trigger on that gun and how is a single tentacle going to be able to pull it? I know, I'm weird. Or maybe Captain Stark is wondering that, too.

I also feel strangely uncomfortable in my shorts, for some reason. And maybe Captain Stark is, too.

Tiny watercolor! Nice control. The face and the gun, especially. It looks like you've got some colored pencil in there, though, no?

I've also been meaning to ask you what you use for your caricatures?



No color pencil.....really.

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Yeah, they are available, but getting ammo is a bitch! The Phloobian's have a lock on the zeneliax initializers and those suckers squeeze every zpellopian out of you to get them.

The reason the wi360 is so popular, though, is that you can load your own. Quit using those zeneliax initializers! You can get within-spec results using 20th-century 555 timers from Tandy, a little gold foil, and a Mentos mint. Pop that assembly in the back of the cartridge, and you can drop just about any old carbon-block on top for use as pre-plasma core.


Priceless!! Nothing gets me hotter than phony techno-jibberish.


Phony? Were's my Trex?

"For the last decaspan"? Where the hell have I been?


Pssst, your pleegle is unzipped and your electrogravitor isn't loaded, anyway. You're gonna catch hell when your mother finds out.


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