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Say What?


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Madam, you'll notice that the coffee in your cup is slightly "tilted" while you maintain that the cup itself is vertical, therefore proving that the tower is vertical, it is we who are off center.


"That reminds me ... Did you pack the Viagra?"


See, there it is again, more evidence of man made climate change..huh, huh, can you see it, can you see it.....huh, huh, open your eyes, there it is huhu, huh......

I swear!! There's someone about to jump... over the tilted side!!!


It's Bush's fault Ma'am.


See this is what happens when you hire non union labor


Yep Government Contractor, Lowbidder and no quality control, no accountability.

It was perfectly vertical until a scout ship from the planet Gredmere clipped it, which ultimately resulted in their crashing into the Mediterranean. The crash site has been extensively salvaged, but of course the Italian government has been keeping it hush-hush. I shouldn't even be seen here talking to you...


why yes, the original builder was a conservative republican why do you ask?

or from the other side,

why yes the builder was a liberal democrat why do you ask?


sorry just had to put my slant on that last one


"I'm suddenly inclined to order a pizza.


Al Gore tried to warn them, but THEY would not listen!

Furanku Zappah:

The consensus of the Union of Concerned Scientists proves that the Pisa Tower is bound to fall over due to carbon emissions!

"Nuts. From the looks of the bell tower, it seems the woman wearing the leotard has come and gone already."

I apologize for the above. I'm done. I think.

Tour Guide: "Nevermind blowing, woman! All fat people to the left!"
Caption: Sensible precautions at the Tower of Pisa.


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