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Nuthin' But Luv.....


When she's not bitch-slapping some security guard in D.C., Georgia's Cynthia McKinney enjoys rollerblading, horseback riding and scouring the streets of Atlanta for the next juicy conspiracy theory.

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Doug Toney:

Being from Atlanta, I'm very familiar with McKinney. That's the best caricature you've ever done, hands down. I showed that to my roommate and I thought he was going to bust a gut laughing. The way she's pointing that finger of hers is so subtle yet hits like a hammer.

This needs to be on a T-shirt.


Mandelbrot hairdo? Interesting idea.



The sad part is that she actually has an audience. Add one more line for the T-shirt. "Reparations Now!"


What does she have against a 79-year old, retired, left-handed pitcher?


Perhaps she has some kind of bone to pick with Mr. Bulger.

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