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Now For Something Completely Different...


This is a 7" x 7" pastel study for a larger oil-on-canvas piece I'm working on. Don't have a title yet...

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There's a little brown dog up ahead. If you don't use sunscreen, you'll be dead.
Burma Shave.

Looking forward to the painting, but i love this version so much.

Nice. Maybe call it "shade"? I'm drawn to her hair for some reason.

I think I now see the ocean line, but I missed it at first. What a thing if she were dressed for the beach and looking out into a vast desert. Or is that it?

I took a look at your paintings, too. "Introspection" has a really nice feel to it -- which you capture perfectly in the caption.

And thanks for the details about size and medium. :) I've used oil pastels, but yours looks more like chalk.

I realize that it's probably only part of working up the study, but I see the darkness around her hat, and it appears to be a dust cloud coming over the horizon.

First thought that popped into my mind was, "Waiting. Who... or what... is she waiting for?"

Lovely stuff. Everyone seems to get a melancholy vibe from it, but to me it just looks thoughtful - which is good. There's not enough real thought in this world, especially in art.

If it is a desert, then I can see That 1 Guy's point about the dust cloud: behind her head, there may be a rider approaching. There might also be the subtlest of hints of anxiety or anticipation in her shoulders, which may bolster his thought that she's waiting for something.

Other than the ocean not being blue, I didn't get a real sense of sadness or depression, unless that's what's in her shoulders, and if that's what you mean by "melancholy", Joanna.

You should take a look at his Introspection piece, if you haven't already. It's got thoughtfulness coming out the wazoo. In a good way. Also with perhaps a touch of fatigue.


I seem to be strangely drawn (HAH!) to contemplative figure works. I like the idea that the viewer seems to sidling up behind her, sharing a moment without acknowlegement.

This type of work seems to have Rorschach Test-like responses.


"On the Beach" -- My first impression was this would be good cover art for Nevil Shute's book.

Bah. Rorschach Horseshack. I'm right. I know it, you know it, and everybody here knows it. :)


"I like the idea that the viewer seems to sidling up behind her, sharing a moment without acknowlegement."


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