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Movie Poster Idea

Taking one of my painting studies, I'd thought it would be fun to come up with a fantasy Clive Barker one-sheet "Methuselah Rising", a thriller that takes place in Pompeii and revolves around necromancy.

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Jonathan C. Hohensee:

I assume it takes place before the volcano blew up, right?


Not really. I'm thinking the citizens made some sort of supernatural deal and the volcano eruption was the consequence.

Jonathan C. Hohensee:

Tibia: I dunno, Fibula, I don't think we should be dabbling in the dark arts.
Fibula: Dude, do you want free apples or not?
Tibia: Ok, whatever
Mount Vesuvius: boom

Jonathan Logon:


Wilford Brimly
Patrick Stewart
Anjelina Jolie
Arnold Schwarzenegger

And Jerry Mathers as
The Beaver


Ash "Necromancy, Necrofelia, its one of those Necro words, Whats the big deal? I got the Damn Necro Book"

Villagers "We're Doomed"

Volcano "Rumble RUMBLE URP!"

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