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Detective Frank Pound, world-weary crime fighter for The Burg.

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I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody!

Jonathan Logon:

Does Detective Kurtz know anything about this?

Pound can't pack it in. He's too compulsive. The onus is his because there is no one else.

Great names, John. I had to look up "creche" and "frood", but I like 'em.

Question: Is Missy a doll, a zombie, a handpuppet, or a very happy masochistic little girl? 'cause that last one kinda scares me. a lot.


Now that's good ^_^
Me like comics. More, more!
Grate style and everything

Alrighty, John...I think it's time you did a full-length graphic novel and gave Frank Miller some serious competition. I'm tellin' ya, dude, "Gin City" would be enormously popular.

Jonathan Logon:

Or perhaps the re-emergence of Ford Prefect, Zaphod Beeblebrox, et al...


Thanks for the nice words, y'all.

It's an idea for a story I'll eventuall get to....but for now I was curious to see what kind of response this would get.

Missy is a tragic story of re-animation and a soul gone bad. She's a doll that's come back from "the dead" and she's not happy about it.


Huh, that's the way I feel every day about working on "The Hill" in DC.

Only the villians in DC are far more scary and are called Members of Congress.

Sin City via the Hitchhiker's Guide . . . I love it. I'd read it. I'd tell my friends.


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