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I guess that all the pornographic enviromentalist concerts that have taken place today are responsible, but he looks like Al Gore to me.


Well, if he runs out of ammo, the cigar looks like it's the right caliber.


Stylish and with nice colouring.

I like how you do capes and coat collars.


Conrad Thrash, Intergalactic Bounty Hunter. Others would say, Conrad Thrash, Intergalactic Mayhem. The meanest S.O.B with a vertebra. Conrad is a distinguished graduate of Strykali Polytechnical, with double honors in hand weapons and tactics. Conrad had a promising career in the Stellar Forces until he unilaterally vaporized the captain of his ship for cowardice during the battle of Thryum. The inquiry board found the captain guilty of cowardice; however, they couldn’t have junior grade incinerators vaporizing senior officers at will. Conrad was forced to resign his commission, however, the stellar forces high command kept Conrad on retainer as a “management consultant”. So when Conrad isn’t providing management solutions on behalf of the Stellar Forces he’s available to provide management solutions to those that can afford his services. One caveat, Conrad hates welshers. He vaporized the entire governing council of Stranium III for welshing on a management contract. So make sure you have the dough before you hire Conrad.

Conrad has two associates, the Nornly twins, Mori and Nori, they’re as deadly as they are beautiful. They’ve formed a triad informally known as M3 Inc, Mayhem, Massacre and Murder. More than one man has turned to jello at the sight of the Nornly twins, and it ain’t from lust brother, it’s from gut wrenching fear by God. They’re a pair of beauties that can ruin a man’s day in the flash of a Mika III assault laser rifle.

Conrad is a contemporary of Devon Stark, as a matter of fact; Conrad is the only man to have fought Devon to a stalemate with Electric Suma Combat Batons. It was a bloody mess and still a topic of great debate at the Strykali Polytechnical. Some argue that Conrad cut Devon slack during the engagement, only Conrad and Devon know for sure and they aren’t talking and no one has the stones to ask. Conrad has the singular accomplishment of beating Freign Alstrol at cribbage, once. Late at night when Freign has had to much Troma to drink she secretly wishes it was her instead of the Nornly Twins.

Conrad’s ship, “Thrasher I” is a technological marvel. It started out as a fast Cuma Class transport. But, as a part of the retainer provided by Stellar Forces the Thrasher I has had the latest weaponry and shield technology installed. Of course Stellar Forces retrofitted Kinka Mod 7 Wave Technology engines. The Thrasher I was fast before the retrofit, now........well, it’s as fast as anything flying. So if you see a Cuma Class Transport sporting an array of weaponry, two Kinka Mod 7 engines and a sharks mouth on the nose.............its Conrad Thrasher, give him a wide berth, unless he’s after you, then..........If the bounty stipulates “Dead or Alive”, you may want to say your prayers.


The question is, do you feel lucky?


What a wealth of ideas you got there. I'm intrigued by the relationship between Stark and Thrash. Rivalry? Grudging respect? Bitter enemies? It'd be interesting to have two stories that dove-tail and they meet at cross-purposes at the climax.

While Stark is thorough and tenacious, Thrash is bold and impatient.

There seems to be room for my other characters, too. Nice job

If there is a simple...SIMPLE...plotlilne I can draw to, I think we got something.


I've been thinking of grudging respect, but only realized between Stark and Thrash. I hadn't thought of cross purposes but I like it. I've thought of Thegal Smerch and how he would fit in. It may be as the string puller.

Dang, this gives me all sorts of ideas -- and they're way better than the script I've been blocking out. Okay if I steal them? ;-)

And don't worry, John - I've got a very simple plot line going.


Next I'd like to see Spike Masters, Professional Volleyballer!


I like the idea that Conrad's ship "was" the fastest ship around. Now Conrad has fallen on hard times and what was once the pride of any interstellar fleet is now the laughing stock of his peers. Of course this would never stop him from bringing in his man...just means he needs to find his jumper cables first.


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