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St. Barney


St. Barney is the patron saint of hall monitors and anti-gun lobbyists.

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And loyal best friends!


And loyal best friends!

Such a witty title for his saint hood! Personally I've never seen any episodes of the Andy Griffith Show (though I know I should), but I love Don Knotts.

My favorite role is his portrayal of Luther Heggs in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

Jonathan C. Hohensee:

I'd say any town with Fife on their police force is enough to make the most timid of us want to go out and buy a gun.


Mr Knotts , was a life long member of the NRA

and a wonderfully sweet man.


I've been saying for a while, based on her shrill voice under stress, occasionally undiplomatic macho posturing and inability to spot the real villains, that Condoleeza Rice is the Barney Fife of Diplomacy (no offense meant to Don Knotts).

I would love to see that theme developed, if it 'resonates' with you. If not, nothing lost in suggesting it.

Love your work!


Interesting observation. I thought you were headed for Nancy Pelosi.

Shrill, indeed.

John Cunningham:

John Cox, "Shrill, indeed", actually I thought yonason was headed for Hillary. I have ears, I hear Condi, I don't hear shrill. I hear Hillary, it's like a cross between having number '0' sandpaper rubbed against your ear and having a rusty railroad spike driven through it.

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