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I'm a BIG Calvin and Hobbes fan. I have the book Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985 to 1995 by Bill Watterson, and on a whim I decided to have some fun mimicking the cover with caricatures of me and Allen (that's me up front). It gave me a chance to study Watterson's wonderful water color work. And my efforts didn't go to waste; we used it to announce our hiatus from editorial cartooning today.

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Fist thing I do every morning is power up the computer and see if the JWR has posted its daily newsletter so I can see your work for the day. [Also have your website as a short cut.] It would be very difficult to choose just one, but I particularly like the "What do you mean they won't negotiate?" (2006) political cartoon. Also care for the 2003 "Lion of Judah" with his teeth sunk into what appears to be a jakal (Hamas). In what form would either of these be available(able to hang not wear)? Keep up the wonderful work (both of you).

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John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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