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My Big Fat Sketchbook Auction (Today the 22nd until 10pm Wednesday, 24th)



Starting today and running until this Wednesday 10pm, the 24th, this sketchbook will be up for auction. It has 40 pages (over 90 drawings) and measures 18 inches wide by 24 inches deep. Bidding will begin at $400. Please make your bids in $20 increments or more. Last, highest bid up until 10 pm Wednesday, the 24th will be accepted as the final bid. ALL BIDS ARE TO BE MADE IN THIS COMMENT THREAD, AND ONLY THIS COMMENT THREAD.

The work you see posted (close-up images) is just a small sample of the kind of work you'll find in these pages. Lots of academic style figure studies and a handful of pages where my cartoon style kind of came to fruition. This sketchbook represents what I was into 6 months before Allen Forkum and I began doing our editorial work. 9/11 was still in the future and all I wanted to do was draw, draw, draw. It turns out I made some discoveries that would eventually lead to years of productive collaboration with Allen.

This collection of developing styles and ideas is the only large format sketchbook I've ever done. Working large and seeing all that detail helped me determine my visual aesthetic; bold and simple with lots of light/shadow interplay.

I enjoyed the first sketchbook auction of February, 2011, and I was asked to try it again. But with a twist: this sucker is 18" x 24" BIG. I like to think that any two or three pages is worth the starting bid price. 40 pages? I'm sure it'll knock you out.

Good luck! Please feel free to post any questions you might have about this sketchbook in the comment thread below and I'll be happy to answer them.

You may recognize a couple of the sample images from other postings on this site. I certainly enjoy going back into my archive of older work and see what kind of reaction they get.

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Best premises with your auction!

All the Best,


Dave Balderstone:

Oh, man... I sure wish I had the cash available to bid. Good luck on the auction, John. I will be suitably envious of the winner..

John Cox:

Hey Martin and Dave

Thought this might be a neat way for some of my larger sketches to get out there.

Thanks for the good word.


What a heart-breaker! 40 pages of original John Cox. I can't even afford the opener but can imagine what it would be like to own it.

Best of luck, John. It should go for a small king's ransom if it fetches its true value

John Cox:

Hey Bill
Thanks for nice word. It's personal and represents a distinct time in my career.


Ditto Bill.

If for some reason no one picks up on this, at a future date I'd be willing to offer at least that much--when funds permit.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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