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Maybe One Day...


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I was always hoping that Carney would come out on stage and open a book while announcing "I will now read from the Book of Alinsky" and all will be made perfectly clear."

John Cox:

Hey G
What a weird job. The only time he is of any use is when things go badly. THEN the obfuscation and glib explanations make him and whom he represents look like a card board cut-out farce.

Tom Wms.:

I haven't looked at the news today. Is this based on fact, or just the start of your Christmas wish list?

John Cox:

Hey Tom
Just an odd idea of what Carney MIGHT do.


"card board cut-out farce" is the best description I've seen for both Carney and his boss!


Carney did take the day off today, here's a video press conference with a different dude on Brietbart.



What's the symbolism behind the emblem? (What's that at the top of the "0"?)

John Cox:

Hey T

For lack of space, it's suppose to be the top half of the Capitol building, set atop an "O".

Dr. Bob:

May I suggest that Mr. Carney take a vow of silence and spend the rest of his days in a monastery.

And his boss in a Federal Penitentiary.

Boy does that conjure up some interesting imagery.


pResident "O" must be wearing a muscle suit under those tights; he's nowhere near "ripped" as that.

John Cox:

Hey Thunderbottom

That's what I call irony. His self-image is indeed puffed up and artificial.


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