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and now a word from Michelangelo Buonarroti...


Not historically accurate, but very truthy. There was no love lost between the two.

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And his spaghetti sauce was TERRIBLE!


Wasn't even aware of the drama between them. Just spent a bit of time scanning their individual histories & an enthusiasts' discussion board. My conclusion: It's depressing how people go out of their way to make so much of life adversarial. As people become specialized (i.e., expert, genius), they tend to become isolated--& the brain is at its foremost a social organ. Imagine if the two had collaborated.

This may seem to contradict the spirit of some of my former comments, but I have attempted to direct my sardonic wit at those who command we conform to a mass "diverse unity" while trying to squash much of our personal diversity & individual liberties. One does not have to preclude the other.

John Cox:

Hey T

I enjoy your insight when it's on point and not about the Obama administration.

Thanks for addressing your target practice.

Your comment about what could be deemed a colossal waste of creative energy is well-made. I was merely making light of two supreme egos.


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